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08:42pm 27/12/2005
  I did not ever think this day would come but i guess i am retiring you .. i have found a new obsession.. myspace.. sorry good old journal..
06:04pm 05/09/2005
  no work today got to sleep in and do nothing .. its sooo nice.. paid rent yesterday and now i want to go shopping .. :) its getting so nice out well .. rachel came home for the weekend hung out with her its only been two weeks but felt like a year ... um .. lots of drama going on but when is there not .. im doing loindry down in my sisters apt. i need quarters real bad .. alright im out  
11:04am 28/08/2005
  well .. i thought thurday was bad.. but turns out friday was the worst day of the week .. i had 22-24 kids by myself for like 2 hours kids going crazy and one even ran out of the room .. and i know i better not get in trouble for that because they were breakin many laws leaving me with all those kids alone .. other then that it was the last splash day and i had a nice afternoon of painting faces for 4 hours my ass and back hurt so bad.. this weekend has been a blur.. goes by so fast monday is the first day of school .. going to have lots of new kids and me and erica are gonna show them who is boss right on the very first day .. i need a new job.. that is all for now ..  
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08:21pm 25/08/2005
  today was a long long long very long day .. 22 kids ..all of them acting the worst they could ever be.

other then that my sister worked today so it was qool to hang out with her in the break room since i cant go home with no car.. Jim is usein mine until his gets fixed .. got home then realized we didnt go to the bank .. had to go back out .. got some goodies for my party tomorrow with my brats.. tomorrow is the last day i will ever have to have SKY ZACHARY ANDREW AND SARAH IN MY CLASS.. !!!

I am sure there will be worse..

well im trying to update this thing alot more and i have been doing good. but i just cant really share all the things that are really driving me crazy in my mind so .. i ran out of pointless information.. :)

until next time
its been a while ..   
03:03pm 21/08/2005
  Nothing much going on in the life of Emily.. yesterday i went to my first Ravens game.. they lost .. it was fun tho we tailgated .. and i smoked in front of my dad for the first time heh...my pal rachel left friday morning for school :( other then that same ol same ol work eat sleep repeat .. yep thats about all i have to say ..............
turd poper   
10:13pm 26/07/2005
  its been a while .. not to much going on .. this week is going by so slow .. cant wait for the weekend not like i have any thing to do except celebrate aubs 56th birthday !! last weekend i went to the drive in and saw herby, charlie and the chocolate factory and fantastic four .. i fell asleep during fantastic four .. charlie .. was good .. and herby was silly .. .. .. .. man .. i dont have much to say .. i saw david this weekend he came over and me him and rachel M even and i played kemps .. my roomie's sister woke up in my closet on saturday i didnt even notice.. lol im just rambling on its been a while .. i need to drink this weekend .. yes yes i do .. :)  
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05:29pm 18/07/2005
  its been a long time since i wrote.. I love my apartment .. i love that my sister and jim are right down stiars. everything is going awesome right now im just waiting for something really crappy to happen and mess everything up cause that seems to be the way of life.. .. work is going by so fast .. these hours are the best i worked alot of O.T. last week :) .. woooOoOo.. i have a cavity and it hurts like crazy and there is nothing i can do about it .. :( .. well .. just updating a little i have a ton of things to write maybe later..
last night!   
06:28am 16/06/2005
  well at least i think it will be my last night ... i get the keys tomorrow .. my pal Andrew is gonna help me move and hopefully jim and maryellen will too .. im soooo excited.. wooohoooooooOooOoOOoOoOooOoOOo .. OK .. im gonna be broke today after i get my check.. but its qool .. i have some money stashed away .. and i get paid tomorrow too .. :) alright.. im out .. :):)  
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06:37am 15/06/2005
mood: ecstatic
well .. this week is more stress filled then i thought it would be.. yesterday i was stuck mith almost 30 kids by myself .. but i was lucky they were being great..
the graduation was sooo cute.. it was better then my graduation.. tomorrow i go to get my cashears? check for my APARTMENT ... and then FRIDAY i can get the keys .. ONE MORE DAY its crazy..
its been wayyyy to hot lately .. we havent been able to take the kids out in the afternoon in a long time .. which means they are going crazy inside..
well ..i dont have much else to say just that i am extreamly excited about moving.. our house right now is falling apart.. there is mysterious water all over the place.. there is a spot on the carpet that is getting bigger and bigger.. and then in the kicthen in the middle of the floor that is always apearing out of no where.. its really crazy .. thank god im almost out .. well thats all for now ..
02:17pm 12/06/2005
  im a little mad its already sunday.. this week is going to be sooo crazy .. the 14th is graduation for the year olds and my class has to sing a song for all the parents which has been hell trying to get them to do .. the 17th is the faterhs day cook out .. i still do not know what im makeing them for their gifts.. and on top of all the i still have to finsish up all my shit for moveing .. on FRIDAY THE 17TH .. wohoooooOoo.. SO ..if i make it throught this week with out going insane i will be ready to move out into my own apartment.. :) .. i can not wait ..

went to a family renuion yesterday and the nights of columbis hall .. it was nice .. didnt know really any one which was sad.. but did see some people like uncle kevin who i missed so much .. and i saw my aunt.. i love her .. when i am a little older im gonna move to west va near her ..

alright well i think i should go look up things to make for my dads for fathers day .. any one have any suggestions?

07:27pm 09/06/2005
  tomorrow is friday!! yay.. thank god after a day like today .. crazy times.. well .. i dont have much to say .. i am all packed eveything but my cloths that im just gonna bag up any way .. its getting so close :):):) im soo sleepy  
06:30am 08/06/2005
mood: tired
well .. so yesterday our washing machine broke and water went all over the place.. it sucked .. they still have not brought us a new one.. and well i only have a few work shirts which were all dirty and my work pants are always dirty soo .. i did it old school last night in the sink .. worked good did the job i guess.

My class room is looking really good ..i changed the theme from the lion king which was up for lord knows how long to ISLAND OF THE THREE'S.. which is almost done.. whenever i get spare time or am really bored at nap i do some and its starting to look really good .. im proud.. i feel like i live in my classroom .. i think i need another vacation ..

well .. i know i keep writing about this but 9 more days till i move .. ok thats all i will say about that today ..

this week is going by super fast.. lesson plans are due today but who the heck knows what the theme is because Celebree is re re re tarted ..

alright .. well i got nothing else..
06:39am 07/06/2005
mood: silly
10 more days until i get my keys.. yeah i know i keep writing it alot but im excited.. 10 more days 10 more days wOooO..

in other knews.. it was hot as a muv yesterday .and .i wish i could find my check card.. i find it and loose it like every other day .. but this time its been gone for a week ..

man i woke up way to early today ..

grab your backpack .. lets go .. jump in .. YOU CAN LEAD THE WAYYHEYY ..
06:46am 06/06/2005
  i cant believe i forgot to write that me and borch signed our lease yesterday .. it was fun times.. :)i cant wait..  
06:32am 06/06/2005
mood: awake
well the weekend is over so fast it sucks .. not this weekend but next weekend I MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. I still dont know what im gonna do with my shit if im just gonna wait till the 25th when mar moves or should i do it the week i get the place on the 17th .. well .. i wont have a truck or any thing im trying to see if i can use my cousins van .. but then i dont have any strong people to help me.. ah well we shall see .. this whole week i need to do londry and pack! so far i did one box.. cleaned out all my dressers .. the only thing left is beakablesnd cloths.. not that bad.. it sucks that broch wont be there when we first move in .. but rachel said she would stay with me from the 20th until he gets home .. well .. thats about all i realize this is a stupid entry but whateva
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06:51am 03/06/2005
  ITS FRIDAY!!! ..
yesterday was soooooo long.. went in and tried to call my doctor to get some pink eye shit .. but she wouldent.. so .. i just used another girls .. she said i could have it :).. so far its gone .. i dont know why i keep getting it like just for a few hours .. im just gonna take this stuff until it runs out .. i cleaned everything like 34 times.. ug..

i got all my stuff i orderd yesterday .. i cant wait to put them up .. last night we had a blast laminating a thousand things..lol.. today is movie day .. Erica is out so i dont know who they are gonna put in my room .. even tho kim is a child herself .. i kinda want her in my room so she can help me put up all my ish.. man i am such a geek.. dont know whats going on tonight.. or this weekend .. but i would like to go swimming after work if its hot but does not look all that nice out ..

well.. i think me and broch are gonna sign our lease this weekend!!!!! i showed him all the things my gmom bought for us .. his balls shrank .. so did mine if i had any .. not this weekend or the weekend after but the weekend after that I MOVE.. holy cow .. lol ..
alright .. welp .. im out of here got to go to work :(
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06:39am 02/06/2005
  yeah so .. i have pink eye again .. just great.. and i am all out of drops.. this freakin sucks .. i guess i am really prone to it or something cause i have had it like 23 times this fall .. damn .. well yesterday at the zoo i had an okay time .. the baltimore .. or Maryland zoo sucks any ways ..the kids had a good time and i only had to lug around 2 .. after work i went to mom moms to swim with rachel and Mar.. was fun times but cold cause the sun decided to go in .. i cant believe tomorrow is already friday .. its crazy .. well .. dont have much else to say so .. guess ill be going
im excited about these comfey work pants
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zoooooooooooo :( :(   
06:34am 01/06/2005
  well.. today is going to blow more then any thing has ever blown before.. i have to go to the zoo.. and I know im gonna get stuck with the bad ass kids cause no one else wants them .. so me and andrew and some others will be walking around the hot ass stupid zoo alllllll day today .. well until 130.. and then after that i hope to be going home early .. i went home an hour and a hlaf early yesterday went to the store to try to find some flood pants for work but no luck got some comfy ones tho .. then went to mars to get some wawa.. and snacks but didnt get much .. then yesterday went to see my little sisters girlscout ceramony thing .. was cute.. and not to long .. if i get off early today i will be swimming until like six.. :) .. im so tired.. i dont wannnaaaa gooo.. :( :( .. and the WORST part is .. we have to be in celebree gear.. so .. i cant wear my flip flops i cant wear my floods.. i have to wear these stupid ass hot shoes my hot ass work shirt and some hot ass pants.. what the hell .. I HATE THAT IDEA.. man im bitching like crazy today but .. i really hope it wont be that bad.. alright .. well i got to go to the store and get some more snacks for me and my pal.
06:40am 31/05/2005
  well.. i had a sweet weekend.. friday came home from work early went swimming at my grandmoms was kinda cold .. had some fun friday night :) .. and left at 830 the next morning to go see my aunt in west va it was nice.. i missed her we went swimming and sat in the hot tub for like 40 mins i just relaxed the whole time. she gave me 500 dollers to help me move out .. :) im gonna move down there one day and live closer to her .. i came home sunday and took a long nap .. and then watched some movies with rachel evan broch mar and jimbo.. went to bed at like 3 or 4 and woke up at 11 to go to my mom moms for a cook out .. borch came so he could meet the fam. we swam and ate to much food then came home watched team america
tomorrow is our school trip to the zoo.. I HATE the zoo .. im gonna have to lug around 3 kids with me too .. maybe even 5.. sucksssss asssssssss.. and the worst part is we have to wear our uniform still too .. im going out tonight to get some flood pants and some new shoes because if not i would be dying .well .. wah .. just wanted to bitch a little ..

I hope everything is okay with my PALLIE SARAH .. :) ..

got to go to work now
24 more days till I move...   
06:55am 24/05/2005
  i really need to start packing.. or at least do some of my thousand loads of londry .. uh .. whatever.. maybe tonight..